Friday, June 8, 2012

let's go

so... i thought it would be easy. writing a blog.
i would write, and take pictures of me, people would read and it would be just as simple as for anybody.
but it doesn't work that way. i'm not the person who takes a lot of pictures of herself, i'm not a person who could pretend. person who could get the attention just by showing how i look.
and people feel that.

when i walk down the street, people look at me, because of the way i dress, because of the way i feel good in my skin. because i look different.
maybe it's the energy, maybe it's the feeling of the old times i bring.
i'm quiet and most of the time i don't talk a lot. (that changed from the times i was younger when i was loud and center of the party.) but most of the people learn to love me. i'm difficult at times. i do a lot of thinking, contemplating, i'm prettier to people who know me than to those who don't. but in the end, i have the energy to change the world.
and i will some day.

for once again, i will try.
not to be read, but for me.
i will be me.

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